Every time somebody asks me why I’m so happy (and it happens quite frequently–my joy and optimism are often more than people care to take in), I always let them know it is because I am grateful. I happen to be grateful to a deity, sure, but I don’t feel you need to gear your gratitude toward anyone or anything in order to be a grateful person. Oh, beautiful day? I’m so grateful! A story on the radio that just tickles you to pieces? I’m so grateful! Extra yummy veggies at the farmer’s market? Wow! Awesome! Cute kids giggling and playing at the park? I’m so glad I got to see that, it brought a smile to my face!

This particular post in no way exemplifies my optimism or overwhelming joy.

There are very few things that genuinely piss me off in this world. Idiots discussing the American education system, damaging and ignorant generalizations, and child molesters are among some of the things that get my blood boiling. But one thing that really makes me want to throw a brick at strangers’ faces is a lack of gratitude; just an absolute disregard for all the amazing wonderful things they have in their lives. People take so much for granted, and quite frankly I just want to bury them alive with a pile of all the useless shit they possess.

Oh nooo, we’re in a double-dip recession. The dollar is losing value and I have to pay taxes.

Shut the fuck up. Look at pictures from an actual depression…go ahead, google them on your laptop. Right now, do it. Then, go to the grocery store and swipe your parents’ credit card so you can buy eight boxes of poptarts. Why don’t you wash them all down with the rest of that 24 pack crammed into your giant fridge? Oh, but don’t take too long or you’ll miss that college class you get to go to thanks to the help of government loans and rich dead white people.  I know it’s kind of warm out today but between your air-conditioned home and your air-conditioned classroom, I think you have a chance of surviving. Don’t worry, you’re very unlikely to step on a land mine or walk right by a car bomb. And ladies, if you forget to cover every inch of your skin, I promise you won’t get stoned to death.

Now where were we? Oh yeah, everything sucks. FML, FML, FML.
Life is so hard and unfair and I want more and I don’t have enough. It’s the government’s fault, you see.

This is the kind of sick mentality and complete disconnect from reality that gets us as a nation in trouble. We’re not willing to analyze our own selves, but extremely quick to point out where everybody else has wronged us. We sit in our unnecessarily large apartments or houses and bitch about what we don’t have. I promise if we actually were starving, we’d be willing to do more than bitch about it on the internet. Yes, I have nice things and yes, I’m bitching on the internet, but if my only complaint is that people are incapable of realizing just how horrible life actually is for a lot of other people, I feel like I owe it to myself this time.

So remember when you’re pissed off because the dude in front of you in the express checkout lane has 29 items instead of 25 and you’re in a hurry to get back to that Superbowl party, chill out. At least you have football…for now.

Love you, bye!

I am grateful for this sunset


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