On Faith in God

It has come to my attention that some atheists are under the impression that when people put faith in or thank God, they are releasing themselves of all responsibility for their own destinies. They for some reason assume that if I say “I pray to God that this happens” that I’m going to not work to get to that result of which I pray. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen anybody pray to God “thy will be done,” then sit at home staring at the TV waiting for God to put a check in the mail. I also have never met anybody who would expect this to work. I have a feeling that anybody who believed that they aren’t responsible for their own destinies to a certain extent do not remain believers of a deity for very long. Just because I thank God for the food I’m eating doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge that somebody grew it and somebody worked to earn a paycheck to buy the food. We’re Christians, not logic-less idiots (Not synonymous, contrary to popular belief).

When I ask God to help me, whether it is for strength through a tough time or a more enlightened view of my own decisions, I don’t expect some sort of magic spell to actually make me stronger or make me see things perfectly. I, as well as all Christians who have actually put forth effort to achieve what they wanted, are very well aware that we have to do things on our own.

Maybe people who assume that Christians give up responsibility for their own lives when they put their faith in God ought to learn a bit more about the theists and the religion they hate and judge before they decide to hate and judge them, especially since Christianity is so often hated and judged because it is supposedly the root of hate and judgment.

Coming soon to a babbling blonde’s blog near you: How Atheists Manage to Embody Every Element of Organized Religion that they Hate and Blame for all the World’s Problems.


Love you (I promise), bye!




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thedcyple
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 18:59:15

    Our work is not in vain.
    good stuff.


  2. rockomnibus
    Oct 04, 2011 @ 03:08:32

    The believers I’ve seen have not relinquished responsibility or action when having faith in something. I think the general view among those actively involved follows along with Saint Augustine’s advice… “Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.”

    Indeed, a prayer of faith is not so much a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of resolve to call on all available powers and resources to see something through.


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