In this fast paced society which requires immediate answers and results, I find it difficult to be able to express the ridiculous thought processes that go on behind my opinions, beliefs, and points of view. Now I can make a meager, probably degrading attempt to put it all down in some sort of coherent form. Jah bless you for wanting to understand another human being a little better.

Although some people think I’m arrogant because I have a college education and speak my mind (what a bitch, right?) I am actually pretty humble. I would accredit pretty much everything anybody could say I’ve accomplished to somebody or something else.  I’ve also come to accept that I don’t know much of anything, so I’m open to other lines of reasoning so that I may have the best reasoning possible. Regardless, people see my analysis of ideology and society as some sort of ego trip, but alls I’m trying to do is encourage people (myself included) to think about what we hear, see, say, believe, claim to know, and do, and how all those things interact with one another within a person, as well as how those interactions interact with the outside world. That’s all I’m trying to do, it’s simple really.


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