living vicariously through poems

I like to write poems of lives that are more interesting than my own. These two happen to be fictitious.


The boy upstairs

The love blossomed slowly,

each emotion flowing through the cracks of my ceiling and his original wood floors.

Between the sneezes, creaks, and opened drawers,

there was love.

Each missed note, each forgotten word

left me, his audience

loving even the imperfections.

The melodies he knew to go unnoticed,

they were memorized

and mesmerized the girl below

as he sang her to sleep, but he didn’t know.

Still doesn’t.

Still singing, that sweet melody

He doesn’t mean to, but he sings them

to me.


Don’t bring me down

The only thing more intoxicating than my 7&7

is the half grin and twinkle of my bartender’s eyes.

Backwards hat, ego, the things I typically despise,

they drag me in, tempt, and lure.

To him, I am merely a good tipper

with a taste for consistency.

Yes, whiskey and soda, please.

Sure thing on Thursday, too drunk on the weekend.

Sweet smile, small voice, that’s me.

I know it’s only a garnish, but I can’t help but dream

that he gave me that lime slice

because he thinks I’m sweet

Because he remembers my face

Because he wants to know my name.

But he doesn’t ask, so I just say “thank you,”

and hope next time,


before I’m long gone,

I’ll get to say more to him than “seven seven” with a smile.




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. tnmusicman
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 20:23:31

    Really good poems. I especially like “Dont Bring Me Down” as it’s a subject I can identify with (at least on one level). You have a gift of turning thoughts you wouldn’t dare speak into words for all to read.
    I would love for you to visit my poetry site sometime. If youre interested the address is:
    I would love to get your feedback.
    I hope you continue to write and express yourself through the writen word.


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